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Consulting Services

Trinity Transaction Services Company offers in-depth consulting services to our clients. Below is a sample of the services we extend. There is much more we offer!

Competitive Business Overview
► Business profile against industry averages
► Process evaluations for all areas of activity
► Service monetizing concepts

Gross Margin Analysis
► By customer
► By product line
► By business category

Distribution ROA
► Route sales average
► Route daily margins
► Route cost % of revenue
► Route efficiency strategies

► Budget
► Forecast
► Cash Flow
► Balance Debt and Equity
► Cost to create – vs – Cost to acquire

► Representative productivity
► Representative incentive program
► Client retention rate
► Cost of new sales vs revenue
► Hiring process/profile characterization  

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Orrin Huebner
Director of Consulting Services

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Director of Mergers and Acquisitions

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