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Mergers & Acquisitions

TTS excels in the arena of Mergers and Acquisitions within the Refreshment Service Industry. Each of our experts are seasoned, reputable, industry professionals.

Each person is well known and brings decades of experience to help you. We will consult with you, making suggestions to increase the value of your business.   

A Sampling of TTS Services


Business Appraisal

► A broad view of your entire business well beyond understanding EBITA.
► Profit Margins, Cash Flow. Balance Sheet improvements.
► Business Productivity and Efficiency Improvement.
► Balance of Revenue by Customer - or - Customer by Category.  


Business Valuation 

► EBITA Analysis.
► Revenue Margin and Profitability Trend Analysis.
► Probability of growth
► Percent of business vs Percent of customers.
► Ratio Analysis – Productivity, revenue per employee, per route, customer, etc.
► Market Factors effecting sell price and terms.  


Deal Terms and Conditions

► How to maximize the most after tax dollars.
► Target Buyers – Profile: A strategic –vs- Financial
► Use of Legal Assistance in the process. 


How to Handle Key People During Transaction 

► During and after close.

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